The correct use of cartons ensures the safety of our goods

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    Cartons bring us a lot of help in our daily life, whether packaged goods or stored goods have a good use effect, but if improper use or damage to the goods, especially those fragile goods, so we should pay attention to the use. In order to better ensure the integrity of the goods, the next Anhui Midsummer Packaging will introduce you the correct use of cartons. I hope I can help you.

  I. Usage

1. If the container is filled with large cardboard boxes of uniform size, there will be voids. When the gap is about 10 cm, it is generally not necessary to fix the goods, but when the gap is large, it needs to be fixed according to the specific conditions of the goods.

2. If cardboard boxes of different sizes are mixed, the size of cardboard boxes should be matched reasonably and packed tightly.

3. Packing cartons should be separated. Paper, net, plywood, cargo board, chalk and tape can be used as markers when separating tickets.

4. When cardboard boxes are not enough to fill a container, attention should be paid to the stacking height of the cardboard boxes in order to meet the requirement of filling the bottom of the container.

2. Carton loading and fixing skills:

1. Packing is to be packed from inside to outside or from both sides to the middle.

2. When a horizontal gap of 250-300 cm is generated, the weight of the upper cargo can be used to hold down the lower cargo, and the upper cargo must be filled or fixed.

3. If the cardboard boxes are very heavy, they need to be properly lined in the middle of the container.

4. When there is a large gap at the end of the box door, square wooden bars are needed to fix the goods.

5. When loading small cardboard boxes, in order to prevent the collapse of cargo, the vertical and horizontal stacking method can be used.

When we use cartons, according to the above methods of use can effectively ensure the safety of our cartons, and will not cause harm to our goods. For more information about cartons, please continue to pay attention to this site.


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