What are the precautions for the storage of cartons?

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 Cartons are very common in our daily life. Besides being lightweight, they are also exquisite in packaging. Cartons are used in many businesses and families. But how should the cartons be stored in order to better use, below see Tongling Zhongxia packaging staff how to store the cartons.

1. Fire prevention. Cartons are flammable products. Once they are exposed to open fire, they are prone to fire. Therefore, whether they are produced or stored or transported, it is important to avoid open fire near the storage environment.

2. In the place where the cartons are stored, it is also very important for the stable operation of the electrical equipment. The old lines, short circuit of contactors and other problems will cause fire if we neglect a little. Therefore, we should pay attention to this aspect of inspection in the environment of storing cartons.

3. Moisture-proof, carton factories often use alkaline chemical materials when choosing materials. Cartons are especially easy to absorb water and humidity. In case of humidity, cartons are easy to soften, and articles stored in cartons and cartons are easy to scrap immediately. In order to avoid unnecessary economic losses, we should keep the storage environment dry and well ventilated.

Tongling Carton Factory specially advised: In rainy days, we must keep the cartons well, although it did not get wet, moisture, will also become soft. So we must be careful to store it!


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