2018Analysis on Supply and Demand Pattern of Packing Paper Industry in China in 2018

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    With the continuous improvement of the status of China's international papermaking industry, the ability of independent R&D and innovation has been continuously strengthened. The technological innovation system combining production, teaching and research design has basically formed. China's papermaking industry has gradually changed from quantity-oriented to technology-oriented. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, a series of international advanced papermaking equipment has been independently developed and manufactured, and the proportion of advanced production capacity has changed from "10". During the First Five-Year Plan period, 35% was increased by more than 50%. The product quality was greatly improved, and a number of high-quality paper and cardboard brand products appeared in the industry. The supply capacity of domestic paper, special paper and packaging paper was enhanced.

    I. Overview of Packing Paper Industry

    Packing paper in our country mainly uses waste paper as raw material, mainly including white board, box board, corrugated base paper and other cardboard. It is widely used in packaging food, medicine, household appliances, daily department stores, knitted cotton fabrics, cultural goods, etc. It covers all fields of national production and life, and is one of the most consumed paperboard species in our country.

    Paper packaging benefits from the characteristics of easy processing, easy preservation, convenient transportation, printing and recyclable degradation. It conforms to the development trend of "green packaging", and gradually enhances the substitution of plastic, metal and glass packaging materials. Since 2008, China's demand for paper packaging has been growing at an average annual rate of 6.5%, which is much faster than that of other countries in the world.

    Packing paper has a higher concentration than the whole paper industry. In recent years, under the restriction of environmental protection policy, some small and medium-sized packaging paper manufacturers have closed down and restricted their production successively, resulting in the overall tightening of packaging paper production capacity, and the clearance of the industry provides opportunities for leading enterprises to expand their market share.

    II. Market Demand Analysis

    Paper industry is the basic raw material industry of the national economy. It is obviously affected by the economic growth. In recent years, due to the downward pressure of economic growth and other factors, the growth rate of China's paper industry has slowed down or even negative growth. However, packaging paper such as box board paper and corrugated base paper has maintained a good growth trend due to the increasing downstream demand and other factors. But at present, supply-side reform is being implemented in China. The effect of removing backward production capacity in paper industry is remarkable. Some papermaking enterprises have limited and stopped production, and the supply and demand pattern of packaging paper is tense. Overcapacity began to decline year on year. Under the pressure of environmental protection, paper enterprises in some areas are still in a state of suspension and production restriction, while the enthusiasm of downstream purchasing began to rise, the stock of the industry began to decrease, and the supply situation of domestic packaging paper began to appear a continuous shortage.

    1. Coated white board Market

    Coated white board is a machine-made board made by finishing and processing after coating white paint on the base board. The coated white board has high whiteness, smoothness, ink absorption and printing gloss. It is mainly used to make packaging boxes after one-sided color printing. Under the implementation of a series of national policies, the domestic coated white board market is gradually warming up, benefiting from the growth of China's packaging market, and the future demand will be further increased.

    2. Board Market

    Carton paper, also known as kraft paper and kraft cardboard, is one of the main types of paper used in cartons. It is mainly made of corrugated cartons bonded with corrugated paper cores. It is mainly used for the packaging of household appliances, daily department stores, knitted cotton fabrics, cultural goods, Chinese and Western patent medicines, etc. China's domestic carton paper market demand is strong, except for the overall economic impact of the industry slightly declined in 2013, the overall growth trend maintained.

Box board and corrugated base paper are the main materials for the production of corrugated cartons, which are widely used in express packaging. In recent years, with the rapid development of online shopping in China, the demand for carton paper has increased due to the secondary packaging in the process of product transportation. At present, the mobile shopping market is developing rapidly, and the typical e-commerce enterprises are gradually expanding to the third and fourth-tier cities and even rural markets, and driving the demand growth of domestic carton paper market.

    3. Corrugated Base Paper Market

    Corrugated base paper is also called corrugated core paper. It is the raw material used to form corrugated core of corrugated cardboard. It is mainly used as the corrugated core layer (middle layer) of corrugated cardboard. It plays an important role in the seismic performance of corrugated cardboard. It can also be used as packaging paper for fragile articles alone. In recent years, the import and export volume has remained within 100,000 tons, and the balance between supply and demand in the domestic market is good. Also benefited from the rapid development of e-commerce online shopping and express delivery industry, the demand for corrugated base paper in China maintained a good development trend, but in the past two years there has been a downward trend. According to the data, the output of corrugated cartons in China from January to April 2018 was 9.9792 million tons, down 1.37% from the same period last year.

    III. Analysis of Supply Factors in Industry

    The rapid development of China's paper industry has attracted a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to enter, and the production capacity has expanded rapidly in a short period of time. Due to the low-end capacity as the main part of the new capacity, the phenomenon of structural overcapacity has begun to appear. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, market demand slowed down. Paper and cardboard consumption increased from 91.73 million tons to 103.52 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 2.4%.

    1. Enhancement of Environmental Protection Requirements and Effective Elimination of Backward Production Capacity

    In order to promote the healthy development of the industry, the state also implements policies such as the Comprehensive Work Programme for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction and the Water Pollutant Discharge Standards for Pulp and Paper Industry. It clearly regards "resources, environment and structure" as the main line of the development of the paper industry, implements structural emission reduction, engineering emission reduction and management emission reduction, and carries out comprehensive control of the source, production process and terminal pollutants of paper making. Pulp, larger pollution sources and pulp and paper mills in key river basins were renovated.


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