What are the design of carton packaging structure?

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    1. Structural Design of Jacket Carton Packaging

    This is the most commonly used form of carton, concise shape, simple process, low cost, such as the common wholesale packaging is mostly in this form of structure.

    2. Design of window-opening carton packaging structure

    This form of carton is often used in toys, food and other products. This structure is characterized by enabling consumers to see the product at a glance, increasing the credibility of the goods, and generally adding transparent materials to the part of the window opening.

    3. Design of portable carton packaging structure

    This form of carton is often used in gift box packaging, its characteristics are easy to carry. However, attention should be paid to whether the volume, weight, material and handle structure of the product are equivalent, so as to avoid the damage of consumers in the use process.

    4. Design of Drawer Carton Packaging Structure

    This kind of packing is similar to the shape of drawers. The cover and body of the box are supported by two sheets of paper. The structure is firm and easy to use for many times. Common mouth.

    5. Design of deformable carton packaging structure

    Deformable cartons pursue the interesting and changeable structure. They are often suitable for some products with lively personality, such as snacks, candies, toys, etc. This kind of structure is more complex, but the display effect is good.

    6. Design of Covered Carton Packaging Structure

    This kind of structure with cover can be divided into two types, one is integral type and the other is split type. The so-called one-piece type refers to the cover connected with the box body, is a paper-shaped, such as the packaging of cigarettes; while the split type refers to the cover separated from the box body, two paper-shaped, such as moon cake packaging.


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