Rising Paper Price, Stricter Environmental Protection, Where Will Carton Packaging Go?

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       Liquor price increase strange carton! Express Price Rising Strange Carton! Even the price of newspapers that nobody reads is still blamed for the soaring price of paper.

    According to some analysis, due to the influence of comprehensive air pollution control in autumn and winter in recent years, many paper mills will stop production and limit production, which will probably push up the price of base paper. At the same time, the rectification of replacing coal by electricity and coal by gas will also push up the price of paper. In addition, due to the stricter import policy of foreign waste, the import of waste paper has been reduced, which makes the price of waste paper rise sharply.

    The import policy of waste paper is almost strict. In addition to the requirements of environmental protection policy, the market situation of cartons in 2018 is still tense. Whether it is an e-commerce or a physical store, the merchants who need cartons to pack products may think twice when they buy cartons. The demand for cartons will be a question mark. Therefore, the industry should be prepared in advance, adjust the development strategy of enterprises in time, and be ready to meet the test of the market at any time.

    The soaring price of paper increases the cost of e-commerce

    The soaring price of paper will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the electronics industry relying on express logistics. For the brand dealers who sell goods through commercial channels, besides the manufacturing cost of the products themselves, the paper packaging boxes and the corrugated boxes used for express delivery are also indispensable cost expenditures for product sales. As the price of base paper continues to rise, the above costs also make some enterprises feel pressure.

In recent years, according to the data, the proportion of rainbow boxes used by the company accounted for 15% of the total purchasing volume of the company, and the rise in the price of base paper had an impact on the operation of the company, said the person in charge of the good product shop. Looking at the overall situation of the industry, the cost of raw paper has increased by 60% recently, and the cost of rainbow box has increased by 41.3%.

    E-commerce seeks alternatives to cartons

    Faced with the rising price of raw paper, e-commerce enterprises and logistics enterprises are trying their best to find ways to break through.

    It is reported that, for example, Suning, Jingdong and some express companies have adopted green cartons, transit boxes and even recyclable packaging boxes, in response to environmental action, also reduce the impact of the price rise of raw paper.

    In addition, many enterprises take De-paper packaging measures to cope with the soaring and falling of base paper. Agricultural products e-commerce has switched to plastic packaging instead of paper packaging; express delivery enterprises have concentrated on the use of electronic face sheets instead of traditional five-way face sheets; the birth of shared express boxes, recycled packaging bags and 100% degradable express bags has greatly reduced the use of cartons. Last March, Jingdong officially launched a carton recycling system to encourage users to return idle cartons to their distributors. They also promote the use of turnover boxes instead of disposable cartons. Brand dealers recycle cartons twice. It is said that the use of cartons can be reduced by more than 100 million every year.


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