On the Change and Problems of Commodity Packaging under the Mode of Online Purchase

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At present, online shopping has become one of the main ways of consumption. Because online shopping goods are usually single goods for transportation, online shopping packaging should not only emphasize the protection performance of a product, but also bring consumers intimate shopping experience. Therefore, under the mode of online shopping, the traditional commodity packaging will change to some extent. In this paper, the author will analyze the changes of commodity packaging under the mode of online shopping from three aspects: commodity packaging design, packaging materials and logistics mode, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

Changes in Packaging Design

Whether it is the form of shopping, the form of commodity display, or the purchase behavior of consumers, online shopping and physical shop shopping are quite different, and the packaging design of the two commodities is naturally very different.

1. Different design directions

When consumers shop in physical stores, they often choose through the packaging of commodities. Therefore, packaging is required to ensure the protection performance, with promotional function as the main factor. There are strict requirements for visual elements (graphics, color, text and its form) in packaging design, aiming at stimulating consumers'purchasing desire through excellent packaging design. Online shopping packaging is not the case. Under the online shopping mode, the goods sold are displayed through detailed text and comprehensive pictures. Consumers can learn the relevant information of the goods themselves, and even consult with sellers through the network to obtain more detailed information. Here, consumers are concerned about the practical functions of the goods themselves, and their packaging requirements are limited to ensuring the safety of the goods at home. Therefore, the packaging design of online shopping commodities focuses on the display design of online commodities and the safety design in the circulation process.

2. Different display designs

Usually when consumers shop in department stores and supermarkets, they see the goods with packaging form on the shelves, and the positive image of the goods will be oriented to consumers. Therefore, the positive design of commodity packaging is generally simple and clear, which attracts consumers'attention. Consumers can understand the goods through the information on the display and packaging of specific goods. They can also hold the goods in their hands and check them repeatedly for comparison, selection and purchase. Under the mode of online shopping, merchants show the details of goods to consumers through pictures from different angles of commodities or commodity packaging on the webpage. Moreover, when consumers search for a product, similar products of different businesses are often arranged on the same page, each product can only have the opportunity to display a picture, and can only rely on a single picture to attract consumers'attention. The effect of commodity packaging on the Internet is actually a comprehensive reflection of printing effect, electronic effect and photographic effect. Therefore, when designing commodity packaging based on network sales, we should also consider the effect when it is displayed on the computer screen after being photographed.

In addition, when some commodity pictures are displayed on the web page, they will be blurred because of the limitation of the resolution of the web page, which makes consumers unable to understand some details of the commodity in time. Smart online store merchants put the enlarged effect of goods on the web page, which is more conducive to consumers'understanding of goods. In order to facilitate consumers to view goods, traditional commodity packaging often uses transparent packaging, window-opening packaging and so on. Online shopping products because a large number of direct display of physical pictures, its packaging does not need to be designed like this. For the same reason, traditional packaging design using photographic pictures of goods as the main picture design method will also lose its significance in online shopping packaging design. This change will make a great difference in visual effect between the packaging model of online shopping commodities and the traditional packaging model.

3. Customer experience is different

There are many factors to be considered in the design of online shopping packaging. Compared with traditional physical stores, online stores rely more on repeat customers to gain the advantages of development. Traditional physical stores are often unable to serve some customers who want to re-consume due to geographical and time constraints, such as tourist spots, stations, wharfs and other places where there are fewer returnees. Online stores are not limited by time and place. As long as consumers establish a good feeling for online stores, they may become repeat customers and influence many online consumers. In order to make consumers feel good about online stores, the role of packaging design can not be ignored. Therefore, encouraging re-consumption is very important for the business expansion of online stores. For example, putting a small thank-you card, discount card and welcome card in the package of online shopping goods will make consumers feel warm, and will also enhance the impression of goods and online stores.

Changes in Packaging Materials

In order to ensure that goods purchased online can be safely transported to consumers after a long journey, the packaging of online shopping should be strong enough to prevent packaging breakage, leakage and loss of contents during transportation, to prevent damage or deterioration of goods caused by display, friction, vibration or changes in sunlight, air pressure and temperature, and to prevent injury to operators or pollution of transport equipment and ground installations. Provision and other items. Therefore, in addition to the nature, state and weight of online shopping packaging, the packaging materials of online shopping commodities should be neat, dry, without odor and grease stains; there should be no protruding nails, hooks, thorns on the outer surface of the packaging, and it should also be convenient for handling, handling and placing. Therefore, in addition to its more reasonable structure, the choice of packaging materials also need to consider many factors, in addition to the original packaging of goods, will be based on the size, weight and characteristics of express goods to select appropriate external packaging and fillers.

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