Summary and analysis of the structure design of the outer packing carton

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Designing cartons is a tedious process, which can not be accomplished only by the experience of several designers. We not only need to synthesize the experience of each designer, but also need to use strict management procedures to promote the orderly progress of these work, so as to provide customers with fast and excellent design products.

Here it is necessary 

First, the input and output conditions of the design are written (especially to prevent the forgetting of various input conditions in customer research);

2. Discuss the practical handover process of each process junction.

3. Quick and simple processing procedures and so on. From the figure below, we can see the process of structural design in general carton factory.

In fact, it is a very simple process from input to output. From the input point of view, the input conditions of structural design include three aspects:

Customers report directly or through means of communication;

2. Customers report through industry representatives;

3. Designers obtain information through market research (which includes planned research on customer information acquisition within the organization or research that the first two conditions can not meet the design requirements).

Regardless of which way the input condition is obtained, at least the following design input content is required:

1. The nature, shape and size of the contents;

2. The weight of the contents;

3. The way of displaying the contents;

4. The mode of transportation and stacking of the contents;

5. Warehousing environment, transportation route and transportation time of goods;

6. Shanghai carton type and manufacturing materials expected by customers;

7. Delivery time required by customers, etc.

8. Environmental protection requirements or requirements of relevant laws and regulations;

9. Other requirements of customers.

For the acquisition of design input conditions, try to use a written form; if conditions exist, it can also be obtained by packaging review. Before investigating customers, we should first consult and understand the product types, market areas, product value, distribution system and product size and packaging of the customers'products or similar products of other customers.

When conducting research, we should bring all kinds of tools: pen, 3M tape, calculator, notebook, survey form and so on. Only with sufficient and meticulous preparation can we obtain more and more accurate design information and design competitive carton products to meet customer expectations and requirements.

When the design input conditions can meet the design requirements, it is necessary to analyze and classify these conditions (transportation storage, delivery time, circulation time, product characteristics (size, weight and special requirements), acceptance criteria, box structure, patterns and color labels). Firstly, it is necessary to determine whether the designed cartons focus on transport-type Shanghai cartons or sales-type cartons.

Sales cartons belong to the category of commercial packaging, focusing on the appearance of cartons, and the requirements of printing technology to be considered in the design.

Transportation cartons belong to the category of industrial packaging. More attention should be paid to the compression and shock resistance of cartons. Because of its more reuse, we also need to take into account the efficiency of packing, as well as the production efficiency of the factory.

When the requirements for designing transport or sales cartons and the carton packaging between them are determined, the carton design can be started. The design process is shown in the following figure:

The figure shows a flow of design, drawing, proofing, evaluation and verification. However, a specific idea needs to be completed by the designers, which not only requires the structural designers to master the knowledge and information in this area, but also needs the ability of spatial thinking. According to the data collected by the Customer Research Institute, the type and size of cartons in Shanghai will be further determined. The selection of box type and size will be based on the following conditions:

1. Determine the type of carton according to the sales carton or the transport carton (some customers have specified the structure of the carton).

2. Determine the size of cartons:

1. The characteristics of the contents (size, weight, center of gravity, arrangement and combination, etc.);

2. Determine the inner dimensions of cartons;


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