Analysis of the current domestic market demand for packaging boxes

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    In recent years, with the increasing competitiveness of commerce, the demand for packaging boxes in the commercial market is also increasing. More and more enterprises begin to use product packaging boxes to improve the company's visibility. Therefore, the demand for packaging boxes in the market is also increasing, such as cosmetic packaging boxes, gift packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, clothing packaging boxes, watch packaging boxes, etc.

    What is the market demand for packaging boxes? According to incomplete statistics, more than 10 million couples are registered to get married every year in China. If they buy about 500 yuan of happy sugar per couple when they get married on average, the consumption of happy sugar in China will be 6-7 billion yuan per year, and this consumption is increasing year by year. Of course, wedding candy boxes are not necessarily products, nor fast-selling products with high update frequency, but it reflects the market demand for wedding candy boxes is quite large. And fast-moving consumer goods, let alone wedding candy boxes, are in greater demand. Every household is indispensable, and the important thing is that it has a very high frequency of replacement.

    Modern people no longer pay attention to the product itself, but more care about whether the packaging box of the product is innovative and creative, whether it can express the meaning of the brand, whether it can reflect the personality and grade, etc. This has a new level of demand for creative design and printing of packaging boxes.

    At present, packaging boxes in shopping malls are divided into raw materials, mainly paper, plastic, metal, fibre materials, glass and ceramics, and some novel composite materials, which greatly satisfy the diverse needs of packaging boxes planning. But in many packaging boxes, paper packaging boxes account for a large share of the market. One of the important reasons is that they meet the needs of "green packaging", "green packaging" is also known as "pollution-free packaging" and "Friends of the Environment packaging".

    The concept of green packaging planning has two meanings: one is to protect the environment, the other is to save resources, which complement each other and are inseparable. Its primary requirement packaging is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, followed by the requirement that packaging materials can be recycled to meet the needs of sustainable development. As everyone knows, paper is recognized as a green packaging material because it is easy to recover and use and can be naturally differentiated. Therefore, the packaging planning of paper products is internationally recognized as a green packaging planning, and can play an active role in the management of environmental pollution caused by plastics.


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