Six Problems in Carton Printing

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    Carton is the outer packaging of some commodities, which has a great attraction to consumers. So the printing quality of cartons can not be ignored. The common problems of carton printing are as follows.

    1. Quality Faults Caused by Imprinting Associated Parts of Machines

    When the printer roller head, the printer roller head, the transmission shaft, gear and the important parts associated with the printer wear and loosen, the printer roller or the printer roller will jump or slide during the process of printing. Because of the unstable pressure, the contact between the printing plate and the cardboard is abnormal, resulting in the problem of blurred paste or local print on the printed surface of the cardboard. Through careful observation and analysis, we can find out the exact location of the fault, take corresponding measures to deal with it, repair the worn and loosened parts, and eliminate the phenomenon of the fault.

    2. Quality failure caused by improper adjustment of pressure roll

    If the position of pressure roll is too high or too low, so that contact with corrugated cardboard is too tight or too loose, dirty plate, paste plate or unclear local print will also occur. The pressure roll should be adjusted to the appropriate position to make the gap between pressure roll and roll fit the thickness of cardboard, so as to ensure the position of printing plate and avoid the failure.

    3. Quality Faults Caused by Imperfect Inking Roller

    When the axle head of the inking roll is loose and the roll body of the inking roll is bent, deformed or damaged, it will also cause dirty layout, paste or unclear local graphics and texts. It is necessary to find out the causes and take appropriate measures to deal with them so as to maintain uniform and suitable contact conditions between the ink roll and the printing plate and replace the damaged ink roll so as to eliminate the failure phenomenon.

    4. Quality failure caused by uneven thickness of corrugated cardboard

    If there are artificially damaged indentation marks on the surface of formed corrugated cardboard, the quality defects of indeterminate impression will also appear on the paper surface of the indentated part. If the printing pressure is increased comprehensively to compensate for this, it is easy to cause the quality problems of pasting text and line layout. In order to avoid pasting, corrugated cardboard in the stacking, handling process, should pay attention to light handling, light handling, light pressure (to control the stacking height), do not use throwing, smashing, pressing and other bad production habits for handling.

    5. Quality Faults Caused by Uneven Plate Thickness

    When the thickness of rubber plate is not uniform, the printing plate layout will be poor. In order to avoid this bad situation, we can use sporadic plate-making method to make plates into several small pieces. We should use the same plate to make them separately, so that the thickness difference is relatively small. If the rubber plate has been made, there is a difference in thickness, it can be made up by multi-viscose layer on the back of the partial thinner plate, so that the whole plate keeps basically the same thickness, ensuring the uniformity of printing pressure and printing ink.

    6. Quality failure caused by improper color sequence

    When corrugated cardboard enters the printing process of the next color group, it is very easy to dirty the layout due to the large amount of ink and slow drying speed of the printed pictures and texts in the first color group of cardboard. In order to prevent this disadvantage, it is advisable to arrange the small area of the plate in the first color group printing, and the large area of the plate in the subsequent color group printing, so as to avoid the dirty plate phenomenon caused by the transfer of impressions.


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