Do you know how to distinguish unqualified cartons?

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    According to different materials, cartons can be divided into corrugated cartons, single-layer cartons, etc. There are various specifications and models. Cartons are widely used as packaging products at present. So do you know how to distinguish unqualified cartons when choosing to buy?

    1. The main problems of cartons are: incomplete seam bonding, incomplete tape joints or inadequate joint nailing; slotting into the edge of the side of the carton; the cover can not be butted, the gap is more than 3mm; the moisture content of the cardboard is higher than 20% or less than 5%; the non-indentation of the carton is curved; the printing of the surface of the carton is incomplete or the graphics are vague; the carton does not take anti-skid measures according to the rules.

    2. The functions of cardboard boxes that can not meet the requirements of maintenance or marking the contents are as follows: seam breaking; dimension exceeding the allowable error range; small value of quality below the rule; execution of indentation line or cutting off of paper surface; tearing and tearing of appearance, irregular and adhered cardboard with holes or flaps; printing errors, incomplete printing or color patterns; external substances; Form pollution.

    3. The appearance of carton is not good, but it does not affect its application function mainly as follows: grooving or rough die cutting of carton; rubbery and uneven surface of cardboard, which affects the quality of printing pictures and texts; contaminated surface of carton; shallow scratches or marks are erased.


    When choosing cartons, we should use the above methods to check whether the cartons are qualified. Carton manufacturers should also produce qualified carton products in good conscience.


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