Recycling Resources Utilization of Packing Carton

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    Cartons are widely used packaging products. With the rapid development of e-commerce, we are more and more accustomed to online shopping. However, every time we get cartons, we often throw them into the dustbin. Then do you know how to recycle cartons? Below, Zhongxia Packaging will lead you to learn about it.

    1. Small packing cartons, small cartons. We can use them to make chess. Just write on the cartons. Of course, you can also make some small puppets to amuse children, and you can also make some toys for children to play with.

    2. Medium-sized cardboard boxes, there are children at home reading, we can use cardboard boxes to seal textbooks that are not yet used, can prevent dust and dirty textbooks. If we are good at craftsmanship, we can draw beautiful patterns on the outside and put things in the basket. Of course, we can also make a home theater. We can make an opening on one side of the carton, fix the mobile phone, MP4, etc. with glue, and leave a window on the side to let the head in. If you are afraid of boredom, you can open a few more vents around.

    3. Large cardboard boxes can be used as gift boxes. They are beautifully painted with colored pens on the outside. Then they stuff themselves in them and give them to their girlfriend, which touches her. It can also be used to make large toys, such as Transformers.


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